Thermopool boiler


An Amazing unrivaled invention for the home and swimming pool market.

The unique patented Thermopool condensing boiler has a 3 pass heat system giving maximum heat transfer through the heat exchanger walls and the boiler tubes.

The boiler design is circular allowing an even circulation of water and temperature within the heat exchanger when water is pumped in and out of the boiler.

This revolutionary heating system can now heat up to a 6 bedroom home and swimming pool at no cost!

why the invention?

The founder of Thermopool said, “My interest in alternative heating came about during an extremely cold winter three years ago; when I experimented with waste oil for heating our swimming pool at a time when the price of heating oil was at a premium”.

After many months of experimentation and further trials, a completely new heating system finally emerged, totally changing the whole concept of alternative heating with waste oil. The boiler now heats the pool, the hot water for the showers, the farmhouse and the domestic hot water.

why pay for heating?

It is the only ‘free fuel’ heating system, ever to be launched on the market that requires no pre-heating of oil prior to burning, no compressed air, and no fine filtration of oil, (as in other conventional heating systems).

Waste oil can usually be obtained free of charge from most garages. (Some areas may charge up to 5ppl)

The vast majority of garages are being charged to have it taken away. Two or three large garages should keep an indoor swimming pool and house heated throughout the year using our boiler. Cutting down the cost of heating your home and pool to virtually nothing!

eco friendly

The environmentally friendly, unique evaporative burning system, only burns what is evaporated, leaving all none evaporative and harmful pollutants as ash, in the ash tray for removal.

As from April 2016, if you burn waste oil it will require a New Environmental Permit. However, using other oils such as vegitable oil, new oil or red diesel is exempt.