Introducing the New 150 Litre Aquatank.

The total water management system for caravans. The Aquatank delivers a constant supply of low pressure water to your caravan when on a standard pitch.

New Revolutionary Multifunctional 150 Litre Aquatank for caravans and motor homes.

Water storage is one of the hardest things to manage when staying on a site that doesn’t have a fully serviced pitch. The Aquatank is the solution! It can deliver to the caravan a constant flow of low pressure water just as a fully serviced pitch.

Tired .. of running out of water in the middle of a shower or other inconven-ient times!! Wake Up .. to the New Aquatank which holds a generous 150 litres of water, sufficient for the average user for 3-4 days. Now you can enjoy the luxury of a fully serviced low pressure water supply on a standard pitch.

The 150 Litre Aquatank is manufactured from food quality materials making it suitable for drinking water and all the needs of the discerning caravanner. All metal parts and fixtures are made with stainless steel, suitable for constant out-door use. The water level can be clearly seen through the transparent tank. There is also a level indicator in litres on the side of the tank.

The Aquatank pump, during normal use, delivers the water from the 150 litre Aquatank directly into the caravan. One of the functions of the Aquatank is its ability to transfer water from a traditional roller tank into the Aquatank if you are not close enough to the site water tap The powerful pump can empty a 40 litre Aquaroll or similar roller tank in just under 2 minutes, pumping it into the 150 litre Aquatank giving you the added luxury of the in-creased storage of 150 litres.

Just couple the hose to the Aquatank’s bulkhead panel, turn the appropriate valves, place the other end of the hose into the Aquaroll, turn on the switch and instantly it will begin to empty into the Aquatank.

All hoses and connections are supplied with the tank except for your caravan inlet connection plug, as these vary. Fits all caravans with Whale/ Truma inlet connections. We can supply long blue layflat hose or standard food quality hoses at ex-tra cost.

Be Smart !! When arriving on site, choose the pitch closest to the site water tap, so you can fill the Aquatank with a hose. The pump on the Aquatank is a Shureflo amenity pump used universally in caravans and motorhomes. The pump is powered from the onboard 12 volt caravan leisure battery. The plug in lead is supplied with the Aquatank with a fused connection ready to connect to the battery, this only takes a few minutes. The lead once connected can be stowed safely on top of the leisure battery when not in use.

£375.00 + VAT

Free delivery - 2 weeks after receipt of full payment.

1 Year Warranty


The 150 litre Aquatank comes with the unique pumping system which has both suction and

delivery multifunctional operations at the turn of a valve. The valve configuration for each

function is clearly shown on the tank.

The main functions are –

1. A storage tank of 150 litres of water.

2. Tank emptying and filling ability from a roller tank.

3. Filling of the onboard caravan tank, if required.

4. Constant fully serviced delivery of low pressure

water to the caravan on a standard pitch.

5. Washing the caravan and windows.

Dimensions & Weight

The design and size of the Aquatank enables it to fit through the

caravan door for travelling, or it can be transported in the back of the average car, rather than being stowed inside the caravan.

The Aquatank is manufactured from a very light but strong food quality materi-al. It can be lifted with one hand when empty, but because of its shape it has two handles, one either end for convenience and balance while carrying.

Dimensions – 500 x 820 x 450 (mm)

32ins. x 19ins. x 17.5ins.

Weight – Approximately 14 kilos

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