Introducing the New - Cordless Caravan Stabilizer Leg Wrench

This specially designed Caravan Wrench lowers and raises the caravan stabilizer legs in seconds and applies the correct tension that fully supports the caravan without undue strain on the caravan chassis.

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The Caravan Cordless Stabilizer Leg Wrench



Thermopool has just launched their new cordless caravan leg wrench now available at this caravan site shop and in caravan accessory shops. The specially designed wrench, lowers and raises the caravan stabilizer leg in just seconds and applies the correct tension that fully supports the caravan without undue strain on the caravan chassis.

The new wrench has been on trial in the UK with a caravan club member over the last 12 months. The owner has said he has used it for a number of caravan trips last year has never recharged the battery, it continues to deliver every time he has used it. The battery is a powerful 18V LI-ION 3.OAh, giving a long working duration.

Quality in design, components and construction, this caravan wrench is a professional purpose made tool designed specifically for the caravan industry. It is not to be compared with the cheap do it your self drills on the market today with soft aluminium gears. This tool is manufactured with quality materials and will last a lifetime. The caravan wrench is a ½” square drive professional Impact Wrench. The ½” square drive will fit all sockets found in a normal ½” socket set, so it has additional uses as well as for the caravan.

There is a 1 year Warrantee

This powerful impact wrench has a brushless motor with 3 speeds giving an impact function of up to 300N/m complete with forward and reverse functions at the touch of a button. Although the wrench has 3 speeds the first slowest speed is all that is required for using for the caravan stabilizer leg. The first speed is enabled by lightly pressing the trigger.

There is also a LED light when the trigger is lightly squeezed.


Was £126
(50% off in December only)

1 Year Warranty

Technical Specification

Voltage: 18V

Max. Torque: 300Nm

Drive Size (inches): 1/2″ Square

Impact Rate (bpm): 300Nm

Battery Type: Lithium LI-ION

Battery Power: 3.0 Ah.

Whats in The pack?

The whole kit comes with a fast charger, and a set of two 19MM sockets, one is 3 inches long and the other is 6 inches long, there is also a screwdriver attachment.

The complete kit is packed in a strong carry case. together with a full technical specification and full instructions.

Fast Charger with 13 amp plug

Forward and Reverse Control

No. of Batteries Supplied: 1

Other Features: Carry Case, LED working light, 2 x 19MM impact sockets, screwdriver

attachment and soft grip handle.

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