Introducing the Thermopool Hot Water Boiler

The revolutionary Gold Award Thermopool Hot Water Boiler. The only hot water boiler on the market that runs on ZERO “0” Fuel Cost.

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  • Free heat – when used oil is obtained free of charge from garages, and tractor service centres. (Most garages are being charged to have it cleared)
  • Burns all types of used oil, Engine oil, Hydraulic oil, Vegetable oil and Gear oil.
  • Hand lighting and de-ashing takes less than 3 minutes daily.
  • Ideal for hard to heat farm houses, outbuilding’s, swimming pools, or any application that requires tons of hot water.
  • Heat Output – 75 kilowatt 260,000 BTUs
  • Can be tee-d into an existing heating system.
  • Outside installation – weather proof powder coated aluminium cladding panels.
  • Professionally manufactured and superbly designed.
  • Advantages over Biomass – faster payback.
  • Winner of the New Ideas Competition, Royal Norfolk Show 2012 (Gold Award)
  • Invention featured in the Daily Telegraph.

If your property needs a reliable but simple to use boiler, then we would be pleased to make a site visit and advise you.

Technical Information

Electrical Supply – Standard 13 amp plug, 230V/1ph/50Hz. The boiler is dispatched from the factory with all the internal wiring to the control panel fitted ready to plug in to a 12 amp 230v mains supply.

The Burner fan – is a 240v Helios high vent low noise centrifugal 100mm in-line fan having a constant air flow volume (FID) of 240 m3/h with an adjustable orifice set by the engineer at commissioning.

Power watts: 70. Current amps; 0.32

Oil Fuel Pump – LMI 240v Diaphragm Pump Model PO8 suction lift 1.5m maximum pressure 3.4bar with an adjustable output of 3-9 litres per hour.

Two Thermostats:

1. Safety limit switch with manual reset.

2. Water maximum running temperature and modulating switch.

Chimney – 3 metres x 200mm (8”) insulated stainless steel twin wall flue. Additional lengths supplied at cost.

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The boiler output is 75-100 Kilowatts – 260,000—300,000 BTUs

Dimensions: 7’ 5” x 3’ 7” x 3’ 7”

12 Months Warranty with Free Parts and Labour.

Our Story

Our interest in alternative heating came about during an extremely cold winter, when our founder experimented with waste oil for heating his swimming pool at a time when heating oil was at a premium. After many months of experimentation and further trials, a completely new heating system finally emerged, totally changing the whole concept of alternative heating with waste oil. This revolutionary heating system now heats the indoor swimming pool and a large 6 bedroom family home at no cost.

Our Product

The Thermopool waste oil boiler is a technological breakthrough for heating both the house and the swimming pool. It is a multi-fuelled semi-industrial shell and tube boiler with a unique patented evaporative burning system. The burner burns all types of waste oil such as – engine oil, hydraulic oil, vegetable oil and virtually any heavy oil that can be pumped, including red diesel and kerosene. It is the only free heating system on the market that requires, no pre-heating of oil prior to burning, no compressed air, and no fine filtration of oil, (as in other conventional heating systems). Simple ash removal and lighting takes only a few minutes. Boiler runs on a daily basis up to 15 hours at a time before ash removal is required.

Boiler Construction

The furnace and inner boiler shell is 6mm carbon steel and the remaining walls are 5mm thick. Insulation – 100mm Rockwool fire resistant.

Cladding panels: are – made from aluminium and are powder coated for durable outside use.

Chimney: Stainless steel double wall.

The Benefits

An unrivalled brilliant invention for hard-to-heat farm houses and the swimming pool heating market. This unique patented, Thermopool condensing hot water boiler has a 3-pass heating system giving maximum heat transfer through the heat exchanger walls and the boiler tubes. The boiler pump supplied, Is the LMI industrial diaphragm oil feed pump which regulates a consistent flow of oil to the burner through a ½” pipe. Should the boiler heat demand reduce, the pump automatically reduces the oil feed by up 75% to accommodate the rise and fall of the heat demand.

Environmentally Friendly

The unique evaporative burning system only burns the gas that is vaporised resulting in the burner giving off no smoke via the flue pipe exhaust system. Any contaminants in the waste oil are broken down in the 650-deg C temperature of the combustion chamber leaving all none evaporative and harmful pollutants as ash in the ashtray basin for removal every day prior to lighting the next day. The amount of ash that accumulates in the ashtray basin will depend on the type of oil you are burning. Cleaning out the ashtray basin only takes less than two minutes which is a small price to pay for the advantage of free heating.

User Friendly

The Control Panel is user friendly, there are no complicated electronic boards, just three switches to operate the boiler. There is a digital display for the easy reading of the water and flue temperatures on the panel. There is also a timer which when pre-set, will automatically shut down the boiler, at the end of its cycle. Simple ash removal and lighting takes only a few minutes. Boiler runs on a daily basis up to 15 hours at a time before ash removal is required.


Simple Installation, just a 13 amp plug in for the electrics , easy access for pipe connections. The Thermopool waste oil boiler can be installed beside and tee-ed into any existing heating system giving alternative flexibility.

Free Running Costs

Free Running costs when oil is obtained free of charge. Most garages are being charged to have it taken away. 1-2 large garages should keep a large house, outbuildings and an indoor swimming pool heated throughout the year. A Hot water storage accumulator can also be used if there is less heat requirement.


Our manufacturer’s skill and workmanship are of the highest standards perfecting quality without unnecessary complexity, which means our system, is both simple and easy to operate with no complicated controls or electronics. Our management and engineering standards are according to European PN EN- 303-5. All our components are used in the heating industry and carry the CE mark.

Advantages over Biomass

Most Biomass boilers today cost at least 50% more to purchase. There are higher installation and fuel storage costs, plus the continually rising wood fuel costs. The multifuel Thermopool hot water oil boiler has a faster payback time (ROI) of two to three years (depending on your present fuel costs).

Wash out System

The unique boiler tube wash out system, simply washes away the soot from the boiler tubes, when connected to the pool backwash pipe work. The boiler can also be washed out with a normal pump if there is no provision for the backwash from a pool pump. It takes only a few minutes to wash out the boiler usually done every 3-4 months depending on usage. The inlet pipe for the wash out is at the top and the outlet drain is at the bottom. The boiler we are using at present has been running for 9 years and is washed out every 3 months. The boiler tubes have shown no evidence of wear whatsoever.

Our Approach

We are a small team of dedicated experts in our field, committed to offering a personal tailored consultation to each new client. Whilst we do not have a wide product range we do have a registered patented waste oil heating system that is a world class. We are further developing other products to meet the current needs of alternative heating whilst remaining committed to the same goal of simple reliable and professional waste oil heating systems at affordable prices.

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